Book List

All text books are used for a minimum of five terms. New copies of textbooks are available through Lingua Franca. However, the prices for new textbooks can be very high. Students are encouraged to use the Internet (amazon, ebay, half, etc.) to purchase used copies of the texts. A good, used copy of a text can cost as much as fifty percent less then the new copy price. Below is the information that you will need in order to obtain the correct edition of the text being used currently at Lingua Franca. Do NOT Order Editions for Other Years! Please ask your instructor if you will need one of the books listed below or if there will be special assignments for your class.

Title, Copyright, Edition, Publisher ISBN#
Beginning Level French - A
Invitation au monde francophone (2000 edition), Jarvis, Bonin and Birckbichler; Hold, Rinehart & Winston

Intermediate Level French - A
Using Photocopied Materials

Intermediate Level French - B
Using Photocopied Materials