Richard Karnes

Richard Karnes has been passionate about language studies since he was very young.  Over the years, he has dabbled in Portuguese, Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Korean and has studied Spanish extensively.  He eventually took an MA in French and a BA in German at the University of New Mexico.  Richard’s language studies took him to France, where he studied at the University of Paris and taught English in the public schools.  He has also traveled in the French, German and Spanish speaking regions of Europe.  Richard began teaching languages in 1975 and has taught in both private and public schools at both the high school and university levels.  In 1986, Richard founded Lingua Franca Language School.

Teresa Roney

Teresa Roney is a native speaker of Spanish from Colombia. She has more than ten years of experience teaching Spanish, but also has an business education as well as experience in the business world. Teresa has taught recently at the University of New Mexico and Central New Mexico Community College (previously known as T-VI) and has been a popular teacher at Lingua Franca since January 2001. Teresa is an excellent teacher, who teaches from beginning through intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish.